Advocates for the Hungry

  Advocates for the Hungry  
Advocates for the Hungry
Mission Statement:  To be an outreach ministry program of our church to feed and support the homeless and less fortunate families of our local community and around the world. We are also supporters of local community agencies that provide educational, emotional, and social services to members of our community.

The following are all agencies that the Advocate Committe supports. Click on a link to find out more about that particular agency. 

The Leaven-

Solano Dream Center-

The Healthy Start Program-


January/February 2021-The Solano Dream Center Socks, T-Shirts and Underwear Campaign began on January 19th and ended on February 23rd 2020. We have received the following donations during the campaign: Men’s:  92 Underwear; 52 T-Shirts; 131 Pairs of socks;  Boy’s:  29 Underwear; 35 T-Shirts; 111 Pairs of Socks;  Women’s:  83 Underwear; 72 Pairs of Socks; 4 Misc. Items; Girl’s:  70 Underwear; 67 Socks & $130 Monetary Donation
December 2020 - The Advocate Committee delivered additional donations to the Fairfield Healthy Start Family Resource Center that included books, clothing and 4 bags of non-perishable food.


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