Advocates for the Hungry

  Advocates for the Hungry  
Advocates for the Hungry
Mission of this committee:  To be an outreach ministry program of our church to feed the homeless and poor of our local community and around the world.  We welcome volunteers to join us in this mission. Please call the church office and request the contact information for the current Chair. 

The following are all agencies that the Advocate Committe supports. Click on a link to find out more about that particular agency. 

The Leaven-

Solano Dream Center-

The Healthy Start Program-

September/October 2019-  Annual CUMC Coat Drive for the Sullivan Youth Services Center clothes closet. 118 new or gently used coats were generously donated. 

November- Salvation Army Food Boxes collected much needed non-perishable food items to help many families have a delicious Thanksgiving meal. 


December- The Advocate Committee donated $200.00 to the Leaven programs to support their Christmas party for purchasing gifts and refreshments. The donation would be split $100.00 each for the Signature and Dana Point locations.

January/February 2020-The Solano Dream Center Socks and Underwear Campaign began on January 19th and ended on February 23rd 2020. We have received the following donations during the campaign: 35 pairs of women’s underpants, 12 pairs of women’s sock, 38 pairs of men’s socks, 26 pairs of men’s underpants, four men’s t shirts, 28 items for children and toiletries.  In addition, the Solano Dream Center food barrel received approximately $78.00 in non-perishable food items. 

April/May-The Solano Dream Center Towel Campaign will begin the last week in April thru the last week May. 

June/July-The Advocate Committee will donate $200.00 to the Leaven Summer Success Program at the Signature and Dana Point locations.

August/September- Planning for Solano Dream Center outreach efforts for Nomadic Feedings, Hygiene Campaign, Donating Backpacks, and the Annual Coat Drive.

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