Leadership and Ministries

  Leadership and Ministries  
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Minnie Murry Advocates for the Hungry
Terry Odneal Board of Trustees
Terry Odneal Christian Education
Sam Catania Church Council Chair
Karen Metz Church Historian
Terry Odneal Disaster Coordinator
Jamie Pearson Family Ministries
Mary Kermoade Finance Chair
Sita Sema Hospitality Committee
Nico Singh Lay Leader
Terry Odneal Marketing/Communications
Jordan Provost Music Director
Kelli Chiolero Administrative Assistant
Aldean Sharp Prayer Circle Chain
Bonnie Griffith Prayer Shawl Ministry
MIke Finley Scout Ministries
Earline Murray Staff Parish
Joel Brown United Methodist Men - President
Jeanne MacConnell & Sue Odneal United Methodist Women - Co-Chairs
Bett Brown Usher Coordinator
John Stallings Welcoming Team
Sue Odneal Worship Committee Chair